If you want to get a taste of the woke ideology being peddled by too many contemporary American evangelical preachers, check out Woke Preacher Clips on YouTube –  “Theology at the intersection of woke and cringe”.

It’s an evangelical “Libs of Tik Tok”, featuring videos of evangelical preachers making bizarre, woke, PC declarations.

To give a random example, an Ohio preacher was so wrapped up in Covid mania that he declared last year that  “A vaccine and a mask are minimal requisites for anyone who would wish to follow Jesus.” [“A Vaccine + A Mask Are Minimal Requisites For Anyone Who Would Wish to Follow Jesus”  ]  Huh?

When evangelicals go woke, they really go off the deep end.

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Article by Allan Wall, published November 28th, 2022, on VDARE.COM.

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