Only a tiny percentage of the enormous illegal alien population in our country is being deported.   The Obama administration is, generally speaking,  anti-deportation. Not entirely, however. The administration has found a few foreigners it would like to deport. The  Department of Justice (DOJ) is actively working to deport a German homeschooling family who had already been granted […]

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Allan on March 9th, 2013

The   political/media/academic axis drones on and on about how bad illegal aliens have it.  It’s a major propaganda assault.   Obviously, if they were being treated that badly, they’d have gone home long ago. And if their main goal is to keep their families together, they’d have stayed in the home country. We need to […]

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Allan on March 1st, 2013

Among the many leaders of the amnesty movement are evangelical Christian leaders  who are attempting to guilt- trip their congregations into supporting amnesty. Evangelicals don’t form a monolithic entity, and there is no hierarchy or central organization that can claim to speak for all of them. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that  influential evangelical leaders […]

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