Allan on May 31st, 2012

The Blaze reports a speech delivered by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in San Diego, California, the day before Memorial Day . The title of the article sums it up: “Farrakhan Laments: ‘Sad That Mexico Lost California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico’ Through American ‘Trickery’, Soon Whites ‘Will Be the Minority’ In the Country They […]

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The Mexican election campaign continues, with voting scheduled for July the 1st. Leading in the polls is Enrique Pena Nieto, candidate of the PRI.  In second place is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known by the initials AMLO, of the PRD;  In third place  is Josefina Vazquez Mota, candidate for  the PAN, the party of the […]

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Why do American candidates run Spanish-language political ads?  Don’t they understand that our national language  is English ?   Don’t they know  English ability is a requirement of naturalization?   Don’t they realize that the use of Spanish-language political ads is downright divisive?      Or is it just that they don’t care?      At least if candidates are lying […]

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Mitt Romney was in Philadelphia, visiting an inner city charter school.  Plenty of protestors, including the mayor of Philadelphia, were outside the school.   Inside the school,  Romney made a rather amazing claim, stating that                    “…the gap in educational opportunity and achievement of people of color in                     this society, I believe, is the civil […]

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Allan on May 21st, 2012

The drug wars continue in Mexico, with over 50,000 killed since 2006. And Mexico, like the U.S., is having a presidential election this year. In the midst of this, there’s news of a surprising Mexican poll showing significant support for U.S. intevention in Mexico.   Is that a good idea? For the entire article, click here.  […]

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Several months ago I had a VDARE.COM article entitled “Department of Labor’s Hilda Solis to American Farmers – Replace your Nephew with an Illegal Alien!”   It’s about the meddlesome system of changes in regulation designed to make it harder for young people to work on family farms.  These rules would not have been voted on in […]

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On Sunday, May the 6th, the four Mexican presidential candidates squared off in a televised debate.  My wife and I watched it live on the Internet, and I took notes.  My impression was that the debate was informative, that is, a good forum for the candidates to express their views.  And it was actually entertaining. For […]

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The Census Bureau has reported that, as of 2010, 13% of all residents of the U.S.  were foreign-born.   That’s the highest such percentage since 1920, but of course the absolute quantity is now much higher.   Note too that 1920 was just a few years before the great immigration cutoff and pause.  Isn’t it time for another cutoff […]

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