The Czech Republic just held its parliamentary elections, and the results look good for Czech patriots who want to protect their nation’s sovereignty.

The party which won the plurality is led by Andrej Babis, who has been called “the Czech Trump”.  Interestingly, Babis was actually born in Slovakia, before the breakup of Czechoslovakia, but chose to stay  with the Czech Republic.

For more information on this Czech election and what it might portend for the future of Central Europe and the West in general, see these two blog entries:

I. Czech It Out: The Next Prime Minister Of The Czech Republic May Be The “Czech Trump” , by Allan Wall and published on VDARE.COM October 18th,2017,  before the election.  It has information on Andrej Babis and some quotes.  Click here to read.

II. Anti-Establishment Party (Led By The “Czech Trump”) Wins Czech Election , by Allan Wall and published on VDARE.COM October 21st, 2017.  It discusses the result of the election and a possible  future for Central Europe.  Click here to read.


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