In our system of government, the legislative branch  (Congress at the national level) is supposed to make the laws.   A determined president, however, can pass legislation unilaterally by  (a) signing an executive order or some other sort of presidential edict, or (b) having  various government departments  pass regulations.

Of course, if Congress is doing its job, it can stop the President from doing this sort of thing.   However, if Congress just lets it happen, the President can get away with it.
President Obama has an agenda and he is determined to advance this agenda.  Recently, for example, he announced that he is unilaterally giving an amnesty to many illegal aliens.   Also, the administration recently released a collection of thousands of proposed regulations which are to be finalized in the next few months.   This includes regulation which could open the door to federal jurisdiction over small bodies of water (ponds, even puddles) on private property.

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Congress needs to be more assertive in protecting its prerogatives and prevent the Executive Branch from grabbing so much power.   And, the American people need  to be more vigilant, in keeping an eye on what both the President and the Congress are doing, or failing to do.

For an example of a power grab which was prevented, by public outcry, consider the example of the recent farm labor regulations the administration tried to impose but gave up on after so many objected.

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