The individual at the center of the “2019 College Admissions Bribery Scandal” is William “Rick” Singer.

Singer helped applicants get into elite colleges by using bribery and fraud. But one of the less-publicized methods that Singer used was to counsel white applicants to identify as minorities, thus helping their chances of getting into college.

But if “white privilege” is a thing, why would Singer do that?

In fact, Singer told at least some applicants that identifying as white would put them at a “competitive disadvantage”. That’s very telling. And when it comes to college admissions, Singer knows what he’s talking about.

Maybe the reason that technique is not being emphasized is that it would bring more attention to the even bigger and legally-supported form of discrimination known as “Affirmative Action”, which discriminates against whites.

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published May 18, 2019, on VDARE.COM.

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