This Said in Spanish article has five stories: 1. Biden Border Rush still not enough for some! 2. Biden tells Telemundo: No Mass Deportations 3. AMLO and Remittances 4. An anecdote about Remittances 5. A Colombian migrant injured in Mexican train derailmentFor the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published February 13th, 2023, […]

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Said in Spanish latest installment: 1. Latest Migrant “Caravan” Gets Stopped in Guatemala 2. AMLO’s comments on caravan and best wishes for the Trumps 3. Telemundo’s Debate Surveys 4. Birth Tourism Scam Really a Scam on U.S. Taxpayers 5. Pregnant Woman Tries to Swim Rio Grande 6. Cubans Hire Smugglers to Take them to U.S., […]

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