Though not a descendant of a Confederate veterans, I recently attended a Sons of Confederate Veterans rally.   I respect the work the group is doing in preserving American heritage, because the current hysterical attack on Confederate monuments is really an attack on American heritage.

And the protesters who there protesting the Sons of Confederate Veterans  provided an education themselves!   What is it they really want?

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published March 16th, 2018, on VDARE.COM.

NOTE: The title is not really accurate. It reads “Allan Wall Attends First Sons of Confederate Veterans Rally, Is Chanted At By Masked Protesters”.   In the first place, most of the protesters were not masked, though some were.   In the second place, the protesters weren’t “chanting” at me.  It’s possible a few times something was specifically yelled at me.  But not chanting.

The eighth paragraph (beginning “Right across the road…”) reads “Right across the road was a noisy, raucous group of protesters (many of them masked….”.   Actually, some of them were masked, but not “many”.

These are errors resulting from the editing process.  Since this is my website, I point them  out here in the interests of greater accuracy.

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