The third edition of the The Victims of Illegal Immigration series is now available from US Incorporated and is being distributed free of charge. (Click here to obtain a copy).

The Victims of Illegal Immigration series is not pleasant reading, but the stories in the series are true.

The booklets contain tragic narratives of your fellow Americans killed by illegal aliens. Why do we write and publish these stories?

We write them because the public needs to see this side of illegal immigration. We cannot depend upon the Mainstream Media, which has an agenda of supporting and glorifying illegal immigration.

The Mainstream Media portrays illegal aliens as victims of a cruel United States of America. But if the U.S. were so cruel to illegal aliens, why would they continue to enter our country?

As we see repeatedly in these accounts, our government, at various levels, has failed to protect its own citizens.

We read of illegal aliens being deported and returning, of being detained and released on U.S. soil, of being arrested for crimes and not being deported. They are repeatedly released on U.S. soil, and then they kill Americans.

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published November 18th, 2021, on US Incorporated.

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