Kill Devil Hills is an area (now a municipality) on North Carolina’s Outer Banks where the Wright Brothers made their first airplane flights.

It’s also where Joe Storie, 51, was killed by a drunk driver who shouldn’t even have been in the country, and who is still at large ten years later.

Joe Storie, resident of Lenoir, North Carolina, was a brickmason by trade and co-owner of a construction company. He had a wife and three sons.

On October 5th, 2011, on a vacation in Kill Devil Hills, Joe was traveling in a pickup along with his wife Alicia, his sister Chris, and driver Paul Davis.

Suddenly their car was hit by a Chevy Lumina driven by drunk Honduran illegal alien Luis Alberto Rodriguez-Castro, 44, who had entered the country illegally in 1998.

Rodriguez-Castro ran a flashing red light, a universal symbol (even in Honduras) to stop and proceed with caution.

Two months previously, Rodriguez-Castro had been ticketed for running a red light.

On October 5th, the force of the collision flipped the vacationers’ car over.  Joe Storie died.

Alicia, Chris and Rodriguez-Castro all had injuries and were airlifted to Norfolk, Virginia.

But days later Rodriguez-Castro had recovered enough to simply walk out of the hospital, making his way to the sanctuary city of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Kill Devil Hills police went there, apprehended Rodriguez-Castro and brought him back to the Outer Banks where he was indicted.

In 2012, Rodriguez-Castro got out on bail, and was told to report for his trial on the scheduled date.  Unsurprisingly, he disappeared and has never been tried for this case.

Under the previous administration, the case had not been forgotten.

In 2019, VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement) put Rodriguez-Castro on its Most Wanted Fugitives list. (VOICE was a government office in the Trump administration providing support to families of immigrant crime victims.  VOICE was abolished by the Biden administration.)

In December of 2020, ICE announced it would display electronic billboards in the Asheville, North Carolina area  “to alert the public of at-large immigration violators who may pose a public safety threat.” Rodriguez-Castro was included.

It’s unlikely, however, that Rodriguez-Castro will ever be tried in North Carolina for Joe Storie’s death.

We can only hope that in the future, the U.S. can do a better job of controlling its borders and thus  preventing such preventable tragedies.

(Note: This selection is an article in my 2021 booklet The Victims of Illegal Immigration, Third Edition, published by US Incorporated. That booklet contains true accounts of victims of illegal aliens. It’s a big problem in country, which the Mainstream Media does not publicize. )

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