Trump’s Christian Apologists Are Unchristian is the name of a  column recently  by William Saletan , published on Slate.

As a  Christian myself,  William Saletan and Slate are not exactly  my first websites to refer to for  spiritual guidance and Christian doctrine.   But since Saletan and Slate are influential, I guess their arguments have to at least be dealt with.

Note how the MSM disdains evangelical  Christians (and Christianity in general), but some of its professional propagandists are quick to pontificate on what defines a true Christian.   And guess what?  The MSM definition coincides with what liberals want anyway !

So why does Saletan (who is not a Christian himself) say Christian supporters are unchristian?  Is Saletan right or wrong?

For the entire article, click here.

Article by Allan Wall, published December 26th, 2018, on VDARE.COM.

NOTE:  At the top of the article, superimposed over the top of the Saletan article, it says TL;DR-SALETAN HATES TRUMP.  I didn’t write that and would prefer it weren’t there, it doesn’t help my article.  But that’s editing…..


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