The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson (BoJo) has announced his government plans to allow shops to use traditional weights and measures rather than those of the metric system.

Ounces, pounds, quarts, pints, bushels, miles, feet, inches, yards, etc., go way back. They developed from weights and measures used by Teutonic tribes and ancient Romans into the traditional English weights and measurement system.

There are some differences between the current U.S. and U.K. versions, but they are essentially the same system with the same origin.

Our system of weights and measures got us to the moon and back, among many other accomplishments. It’s also an essential part of our traditional literature.

In Britain, the use of the metric system has been creeping in for years, especially after the U.K. joined the European Communities (later European Union) in the early 1970s.

But now that the U.K. is no longer in the European Union, E.U. laws are under review.

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published June 2nd, 2022, on US Incorporated.

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