Mollie Tibbetts was a 20-year old student in the University of Iowa who worked at a children’s day camp. 

On July 18th, 2018, in the summer before what would have been her sophomore year, Mollie went jogging in the countryside near Brooklyn, Iowa.

Mollie didn’t show up at her job the next day, so a massive search was launched to find her.

Over a month later, police were led to her dead body in a cornfield.

Mexican national Cristhian Bahena Rivera, age 24, was arrested for Mollie’s murder. Bahena Rivera had followed Mollie as she jogged, gotten out of his car and jogged with her.  

Mollie threatened to call the police, which angered Bahena Rivera, who stabbed her 9-12 times and dumped her body in a cornfield, covering it with corn leaves. 

The evidence? Surveillance footage of the murderer’s car, Mollie’s DNA in his trunk, and his own admissions to police.  In fact, he was the one who showed police where Mollie’s body was.

Bahena Rivera was employed in the area as a dairy worker by Yarrabee Farms, owned by Craig Lang, a prominent Iowa Republican.  

Yarrabee Farms had never verified his status on E-Verify, a federal online program on which businesses can easily check to see if a prospective employee is legal or not.

Instead, Yarrabee Farms paid Bahena Rivera under the unlikely name of “John Budd”.   

Don’t agricultural cheap labor profiteers have a lot to answer for?   

On May 28th, 2021, Bahena Rivera was found guilty of murder in the first degree. A post-trial defense request to retry the case was denied in early August.

In 2018, the case was nationally-publicized and the murderer’s illegal status became an issue.  Mollie’s own father Rob Tibbetts objected to his daughter’s death being used by opponents of illegal immigration.

With all due respect to Mr. Tibbetts, he missed the entire point.

Many deaths are politicized: deaths in police custody, school shootings, COVID-19 deaths.

It’s impossible not to politicize such deaths, as they have public policy ramifications.

U.S. citizens have every right to question why it’s so easy for illegal aliens to enter our country and commit these crimes.

Then-President Trump summed it up in his straightforward manner:  “A person came in from Mexico illegally and killed her. We need the wall, we need our immigration laws changed, we need our border laws changed.”

(Note: This selection is an article in my 2021 booklet The Victims of Illegal Immigration, Third Edition, published by US Incorporated. That booklet contains true accounts of victims of illegal aliens. It’s a big problem in country, which the Mainstream Media does not publicize. )

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