Videos from the 2019 Social Contract Press Writers’ Workshop are posted online on the Social Contract website.

The videos are definitely worth watching, they provide varied perspectives on today’s immigration situation and none is over an hour in length.

Here are the five videos:
1. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County, Maryland, discussing The 287g Program: An Effective Public Safety Partnership.

2. John Ladd, a rancher on Arizona’s border with Mexico, who discusses Ranching on the Mexican Border

III. Mary Ann Mendoza, mother of the late Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, who was killed in a collision with a drunk and high illegal alien. Her talk is entitled
The End Result of Open Borders.

IV. Salvadoran-born Casey Diaz is a former gang member who is now a youth pastor and  discusses his former life and current life and the gang problems exacerbated by our immigration situation. Casey’s talk is entitled Gangs at the Border.

V. A panel discussion about  Big Tech Censorship. It was moderated by Inger Eberhart of the Dustin Inman Society.  Panelists were Tom Pappert, Founder of the National File, Ann Corcoran of RefugeeResettlement Watch, radio host Rob Schilling of The Schilling Show of Charlottesville and Jack Michael Posobiec III of One America News Network.

You can see my blog entry here and gain access to any or all of these informative videos.

Blog entry by Allan Wall, published December 8th, 2019, on VDARE.COM.

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