The 2012 Olympic Games, held in London, have ended.   Over 200 teams competed, and one of them was the Puerto Rican team.   Puerto Rico, though it is a U.S. territory, has had its own Olympic team since 1948.  This year’s Puerto Rican team brought home two medals, which taking into consideration Puerto Rico’s population (less than 4 million) is commendable.   After all, the majority of countries competing in London won no medals at all, and  Puerto Rico tied for 63rd place with Estonia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia.  Indonesia, at 238 million is the world’s fourth-most population country!

What does the existence of the Puerto Rican team, and its support on the island tell us about Puerto Rican nationalism?   What about Puerto Rico’s future status?  How would its Olympic team situation change if it became the 51st state of the United States?  These are questions worth considering, for the good of the U.S. and of Puerto Rico.

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Article by Allan Wall, published on VDARE.COM, August 25th, 2012.


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