When Hailey King was a teenager, she and her family moved from Colorado to Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

She had been born prematurely and had been having  health and social problems.  So maybe a change of locale would do her good. 

They had no idea that Hailey would die in Fayetteville, thanks to our porous borders.

After moving to Arkansas, Hailey became an unwed teen mom, bearing a baby girl who was about two years old upon her death.


On November 6th, 2016, shortly before her 19th birthday, Hailey and friend David Gutierrez were riding a motor scooter in Fayetteville, on a street with a 35 mile per hour speed limit. 

They were suddenly hit from behind by a red pickup going 70 miles per hour, twice the legal speed limit,  driven by Mexican illegal alien Sergio Larios-Rodriguez.

The pickup driver kept on driving, with the scooter and David under the truck and Hailey on the hood. 

Hailey slid off the hood after about 250 feet, but Larios-Rodriguez drove on with David and the scooter still under the truck. 

Eventually, David came loose from the vehicle.   After that, Larios-Rodriguez parked the pickup and left the area on foot, even walking past his two victims but doing nothing to help.

The truck and scooter were discovered by police, and Larios-Rodriguez finally turned himself in 48 hours after the crash.

David survived but lost his legs.  Hailey died in the hospital.

Before she was pronounced dead, her mother Kathryn Hall had arrived and promised to raise Hailey’s young daughter.

Even that was not to be.   Kathryn and her husband attempted to legally adopt Hailey’s daughter, but the court adopted the child out to another family.

So Kathryn lost her daughter to death and her granddaughter to adoption 

In 2018, Larios-Rodriguez was sentenced to 17 years, but his first parole hearing was in 2020, wherein Kathryn Hall testified against his release. 

At that time the court denied parole to Larios-Rodriguez, but he may receive it next time around.  

Furthermore, Larios-Rodriguez is no longer an illegal alien but a permanent resident, thanks to his marriage to a U.S. citizen and the birth of their child. 

But in 2016, while still an illegal alien, Sergio Larios-Rodriguez was responsible for the death of Hailey King, the crippling of David Gutierrez, and indirectly, the loss of Kathryn Hall’s granddaughter.

(Note: This selection is an article in my 2021 booklet The Victims of Illegal Immigration, Third Edition, published by US Incorporated. That booklet contains true accounts of victims of illegal aliens. It’s a big problem in country, which the Mainstream Media does not publicize. )

UPDATE: After this booklet was published, David Gutierrez died on December 14th, 2021. See here.

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