San Luis In Arizona

Allan on December 6th, 2023

My 20-year old son Raphael and I recently took a drive in a Mexico border region. We followed the U.S.-Mexican border, on the Mexican side, Highway #2 on the northern edge of Mexico, in Sonora state. For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published June 27th, 2023, on MexConnect.

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Allan on January 26th, 2023

Last month, in December of 2022, my younger son and I visited the borders of California and Arizona with Mexico. In a previous article, I reported how we crossed into Mexico and followed the border from the Mexican side. In this article, I report on what we saw on the borders of California and Arizona […]

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Allan on January 3rd, 2023

What does the U.S.-Mexico border look like from the Mexican side? It depends on where one is. My younger son and I recently got a chance to view a portion of the border from Mexico. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published January 2nd, 2023, on Border Hawk Blog.

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