Mexican Drug War

The latest Said in Spanish, with four topics: Milenio Claims There are 140 (!) White Supremacist Groups on the U.S. -Mexico Border A Protest at the U.S. consulate in Tijuana Texas Governor Abbott and Cooperation with Coahuila Skulls Turn out to Belong to Victims of Maya Human Sacrifice, not of Contemporary Cartel Killers For the […]

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Allan on May 30th, 2021

My first VDARE article was published twenty years ago, on May 30th, 2001. Now it’s May 30th, 2021. Here is a retrospective of the past twenty years writing for VDARE. For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published May 29th, 2021, on VDARE.COM.

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I was interviewed by Silvio Canto, Jr., on his Canto Talk program on May 12th, 2020. We discussed the Coronavirus in Mexico and Fast and Furious. “Fast and Furious”, you may recall, was an ATF gunwalking scandal during the Biden Presidency It’s in the news again because Mexican President AMLO has brought it up. I […]

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Allan on January 16th, 2020

Our family recently returned from a Christmastime visit to Mexico. The trip went well and we returned safely. For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published January 14, 2020 on VDARE.COM. NOTE: The title of the article I did not write, it is not accurate.I. It is entitled “Memo from Mexico” but […]

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A recent tweet by President Donald Trump tapped into the ongoing dialogue over how dangerous Mexico is. So how dangerous is Mexico?  And should people visit Mexico? For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published July 10th, 2017 on VDARE.COM.  .

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Evaluations of 2016 Mexican violence continue to be released.  The latest is from the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) which lists the Mexican Drug War as the world’s second-deadliest conflict, after the Syrian Civil War. This ranking has been disputed by the Mexican government. For the entire article, click, here. Article by Allan […]

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Allan on March 7th, 2017

According to the Mexican government’s own statistics, the Mexican murder total in 2016 was 20,792, the highest it’s been since 2012.    In the  previous year , 2015, the total was 17.013. The ongoing murders of journalists in Mexico is also troubling.  According to a November 2016 report,  there were more journalists murded in 2016 […]

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Allan on June 7th, 2016

The Chapo Guzman extradition case is complicated, and then there is the dispute over a proposed TV show. For the entire article click here. Article by Allan Wall, published June 6th, 2016 on

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Allan on May 31st, 2016

Chapo, as reported recently, has been moved to a prison across the border from El Paso, Texas, which has various facilities that could receive Chapo should he be extradited.  And how about that extradition process? For the entire article, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published May 30th, 2016, on

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Chapo Guzman has been moved from the Altiplano prison in Central Mexico to a a prison at Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas. Also, Chapo may have an extradition to the United States in his future. And, there is an exhibit about Chapo’s 2015 escape in a Las Vegas museum. For the […]

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