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Costa Rica is a favorite tourism destination for many Americans, in fact some Americans have moved there. How has the COVID-19 virus affected the entry of American travelers to Costa Rica? For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published September 22nd, 2020, on the US Incorporated website.

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Allan on March 26th, 2018

NFL player Duron Harmon (of the New England Patriots) flew to Costa Rica but didn’t make it past the airport. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published March 25th, 2018, on VDARE.COM.

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Donald Trump has been lambasted in the Mexican media since he announced his candidacy, but should he win the election, Mexico would have  to deal with a Trump Presidency. Furthermore, an  editorial in the Mexican media actually calls for Mexico to construct walls on its southeast borders with Guatemala and Belize. For the entire article, […]

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Reuters reports that Mexico is not doing a very effective job at stopping Central American illegal aliens from crossing through its territory to get to the United States.   Mexico is stopping fewer of them. For the entire blog entry, click here. Blog entry by Allan Wall, published June 10th, 2016, on VDARE.COM.

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Thousands of Cubans intending to arrive to the United States were stuck in Costa Rica and Panama.  But an international deal arranged for them to be airlifted and bussed through Central America, allowed free passage through Mexico, in order to arrive to the United States. Is it time to reconsider the Cuban Adjustment Act? For […]

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Allan on February 25th, 2013

Do you believe that American immigration policy should be decided upon by American citizens? In recent years, foreign governments have taken a strong interest in our immigration policies and are actively meddling to promote their interests.    That’s certainly true now with the current debate over amnesty. Mexico is the main country doing this.   But it’s […]

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