When Hailey King was a teenager, she and her family moved from Colorado to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  She had been born prematurely and had been having  health and social problems.  So maybe a change of locale would do her good.  They had no idea that Hailey would die in Fayetteville, thanks to our porous borders. After […]

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The latest installment of Said in Spanish: 1. Mexican National Guard Shoots a Vehicle Carrying Illegal Aliens, a Cuban Dies 2. Irineo Mujica Rants 3. Mexican National Guard Retreats from Sticks and Stones 4. Day of the Dead Memorial for Illegal Border Crossers 5. Record Number of Asylum Requests in Mexico 6. Oklahoma Governor Kevin […]

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Mexico is planning to open a new consulate in Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma. Oklahoma’s Republican Governor Kevin Stitt just returned from a trip to Mexico, where he discussed the proposed consulate with Mexican officials.   But the installation of a Mexican consulate in Oklahoma is a very bad idea, and Oklahomans should oppose […]

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A recent New York Times article exemplifies the arrogant, condescending attitude of the elite Mainstream Media toward Middle America.  The article is entitled Decline in Immigration Threatens Growth of Regions on the Rise and it’s about Northwest Arkansas. For the entire blog entry, click here. Article by Allan Wall, published August 17th, 2021, on US Incorporated.

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