The 2022 French presidential election is only two months away, with a whopping 39 (!) candidates in the running.

How do French voters sort through 39 candidates?

It’s a two-round election, scheduled April 10th for all 39 participants and then April 24th for the top two vote-getters.

Four of those 39 candidates are polling in double digits: incumbent President Macron, Valerie Pecresse (Les Républicains), Marine Le Pen (Rassemblement National), and Eric Zemmour of Reconquête! (Reconquest Party), which he founded.

Zemmour is a French patriot and an ethnic Jew whose parents immigrated from North Africa. He is an immigration restrictionist campaigning to save France.

In a recent interview on French television, Zemmour made his opinions very clear.

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published February 10th, 2022, on US Incorporated.

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