Bambi Larson, the mother of two adult children, was the manager of a medical testing company in California, residing  in a peaceful San Jose neighborhood with her dog and her cat.

But on the morning of February 28th, an intruder entered her home, where he beat and stabbed Bambi Larson to death, leaving her body on her bedroom floor, covered with blood.

According to the coroner’s report, Bambi Larson died of “sharp force injuries to the neck and torso”.   Her body was discovered by her son and a co-worker who was  concerned when she hadn’t gone to work that day.

The perpetrator was 24-year old  Carlos Eduardo Arevalo-Carranza, an illegal alien from El Salvador.

The motive for the murder is still unclear, but he did steal her cellphone and kindle tablet.

This miserable story began in 2013 when Arevalo-Carranza crossed the border illegally into Texas, was detained and deported, but soon entered the U.S. again.

This time he entered California, where he was detained again, yet released after four months.

This was followed by a residence in California and the accumulation of a lengthy rap sheet.

Arevalo-Carranza, who had mental problems, was arrested for drug charges, burglary, false ID, false imprisonment, and battery  (including battery of a police officer).

ICE issued at least nine detainer requests, six to Santa Clara County and 3 to Los Angeles.

But this being California, there was no cooperation.  

Since 2011, even before the entire state of California was declared a “sanctuary state”, Santa Clara County had observed a policy of not honoring detainer requests.

From November 2014 to March of 2019, about 600 illegal aliens released by the county went on to commit violent crimes.

By February of 2019, Arevalo-Carranza was on probation for several charges, free but homeless, camping out near an intersection.   His most recent arrest had taken place in the month before he murdered Bambi.  

That revolving door kept going around for Arevalo-Carranza until he had the opportunity to murder Bambi Larson.   

Bambi’s friend Diane Collman asked the obvious question:  “And I want to know, why he was allowed to be here?”

One would think that Santa Clara County’s abysmal record would bring about change.  But, no…

Three months after Bambi Larson’s gruesome murder, the 5-member Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, rather than apologizing, voted unanimously to continue the county’s sanctuary policies.  

(Note: This selection is an article in my 2021 booklet The Victims of Illegal Immigration, Third Edition, published by US Incorporated. That booklet contains true accounts of victims of illegal aliens. It’s a big problem in country, which the Mainstream Media does not publicize. )

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