Two years ago, the Supreme Court imposed a revolutionary ruling on the state of Oklahoma, and it’s still unraveling.

In McGirt v. Oklahoma, and its companion case Sharp v. Murphy, the Supreme Court decreed that the Creek (Muscogee) Indian reservation had never been abolished and still exists.

That understanding was expanded to declare that the former reservations of six tribes (the Creek, Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Quapaw) had never been dissolved as reservations.

The ruling was absolutely preposterous and is causing many problems (and potential problems) for Oklahoma.

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Article by Allan Wall, published June 27th, 2022, on VDARE.COM.

NOTE: The title of the VDARE.COM article was not written by me, I don’t like it. The title here on my own website is the one I wrote.

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