Andres Manuel Lopez Obrdor, known by the acronym AMLO, formed by his initials, became President of Mexico on December 1st.  I wish AMLO well.

AMLO is very ambitious, and believes that his new administration is ushering in the “Fourth Transformation” of Mexican history.

So far, President Lopez Obrador  has a good relationship with Trump.  As for immigration,  AMLO has a proposal for a huge aid program which would improve the economies of Central America and Mexico.

Regardless of what comes of this, the U.S. still needs to get control of its border and its nationality policy.

But if we can help Mexico and work with AMLO on mutually beneficial goals, I support that.   After all, Mexico is our neighbor.

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Article by Allan Wall, published December 11th, 2018, on VDARE.COM.

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