The central Mexican town of Malinalco was recently the subject of three simultaneously-published article in the Los Angeles Times.   Specifically, the three articles dealt with the problems and challenges of three Malinalco families:
I.        A couple who lived in the United States for several decades and returned to Malinalco with their U.S.-born children.
II.      A Malinalco native who was deported from the U.S. and returned to Malinalco, followed by his family.
III.    A young Malinalco man who would work in the U.S. and return to Malinalco, leaving his family in Malinalco.

The three situations are very informative and show us the challenges, problems and dangers associated with immigration in one Mexican town.  They give us a view from the other side of the border, which is useful.   They show us complications of the immigration phenomenon, and can help us make the right decisions regarding U.S. immigration policy.

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Article by Allan Wall, published December 16th, 2017, on VDARE.COM.

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