The invasion of illegal aliens from Central America continues.  It’s a humanitarian disaster and a threat to our national sovereignty.    Obviously, the Obama administration is facilitating it, but where is the GOP?  If the Republican leadership were seriously opposed to this, wouldn’t they be doing more to stop it?   That tells you something.

Most of the illegal aliens (including unaccompanied children and adolescents) in this wave are from the Central American nations of  Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.  These nations are poorer than Mexico, and owe much bigger proportions of their GDPs to migrant remittances than Mexico does.

In order to get to the United States,  these Central American illegal aliens cross the entire country of Mexico, which can be very dangerous.  Some of them don’t arrive to the U.S.-Mexican border, but obviously, plenty of them are arriving.

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Article by Allan Wall, published July 15th, 2014, on VDARE.COM.

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