Congratulations to Alejandro Giammattei, who won the Guatemalan Presidential Election on August 11th.

President-Elect Giammattei, like many Guatemalans, do not like the current state of a migration deal the Trump administration made with Guatemala (which hasn’t yet been approved by the Guatemalan President).

So Giammattei would like to change the deal.

President-Elect Giammattei is not scheduled to take office until January.

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Blog entry by Allan Wall, published August 12th, 2019, on VDARE.COM.

NOTE: The title of the blog entry as published in VDARE reads
“New Guatemalan President Wants to Back Out of Migration Deal With Trump”. Actually, Giammattei is the President-Elect and not yet the President. Also, he didn’t say he wanted to back out of the deal, but change it.

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