It’s been great watching Donald Trump take on the GOP elite and show that a Republican can be a real fighter and not just another Republi-coward.

Trump has pointed out the very real link between crime and illegal immigration, has promised to build a wall on the border, and has decried the power of donors over the GOP.  And he’s sent the Republican establishment into a tailspin. All that has been great, and very fun to watch.

But you also get the impression that Trump is making it up as he goes along.  And some of his immigration comments have been disturbing, for example, saying that he wants to make legal immigration easier.  No, Donald,   we need to shut down legal immigration.

And what about illegal alien amnesty?  Is Trump for some form of it?   We don’t need an amnesty under any form, as it will just encourage more illegal immigration.  We don’t owe illegals anything.

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Blog entry published on VDARE.COM, July 30th, 2015.

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