“We can’t dismiss the growing population, the changing demographics  of our country.  And with that comes exciting times for everybody in America.”

Thus Eva Longoria gloatingly proclaimed, and no doubt the changing demographics are going to  be exciting.  Exciting, yes, but in what way?

Celebrity Eva Longoria  was born in Texas, and though not  a native speaker of Spanish,  is descended   from the handful of Spaniards that were in Texas in colonial days.

She’s been wildly successful and is quite wealthy.    Yet, for some reason, she doesn’t identify with the United States of America. Eva has  a big chip on her shoulder about being Hispanic.

In May of 2013, Eva Longoria completed a masters’s degree in Chicano Studies  at Cal State Northridge.

Eva Longoria has organized, along with Henry  R. Munoz  III (Democratic National Committee Finance Chairman)  the “Latino Victory Project”.

Victory?  Victory over whom?  The historic American nation?  That’s what it sounds like.

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Article by Allan Wall, published October 17th, 2014, on VDARE.COM.

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