“She had an unequaled brightness in her eyes, and a noble heart, always wanting to help others.”

That’s how Nazareth Tamer-Claure was described by her sister Abril, who also said this about her: “She couldn’t perceive anything bad in people, and she never saw their defects.”

Nazareths’ inability “to perceive anything bad in people” proved to be her undoing, as her ill-advised romance with an illegal alien MS-13 member led to her violent death at the age of 31.  

Nazareth Tamer-Claure was an immigrant herself, from Bolivia in South America. She had married, had a son (aged 8 upon her death), divorced, and was living in Queens, New York.

Her boyfriend was Anander Henriquez, an illegal alien and member of the Mara Salvatruchas (MS-13). 

At some point in the relationship, Henriquez began to assault Nazareth.

In January of 2021, he had assaulted her outside a bank, punching her and hitting her on the head with a metal stick.  When a bystander tried to defend her, the bystander was beaten up with the metal rod.

Logically, shouldn’t such an incident lead to deportation for an illegal alien, who shouldn’t be in the United States anyway?   

On April 9th, Henriquez was choking Nazareth, and she received a legal protective order against him.

Apparently that was the last straw for Henriquez, apparently activating his fellow MS-13 members to punish Nazareth.

In the early a.m. of April 14th, a group of MS-13 gangsters who were under police surveillance already were seen in a vacant, weedy lot, putting a long object in a car trunk and driving off.

They were followed by police and detained at a traffic stop. The trunk was opened and inside was discovered the body of Nazareth Tamer-Claure, who had been murdered 3 days previous.

Nazareth had been beaten with a baseball bat and then hacked to death with machetes.

Five MS-13 gang members were eventually arrested.

The four charged with murder were ex-boyfriend Anander Henriquez, 28; Rigel Yohairo, 20; Allan Lopez, 22; Jose Sarmiento, 21.   Rodolfo Lopez, 26, was charged with helping to conceal the body.

All five of these MS-13 members were illegal aliens, and all five have ICE detainers. But being sanctuary city New York in sanctuary state New York, in 2021, that’s probably irrelevant.

How many more illegal alien MS-13 gangsters are here now?

(Note: This selection is an article in my 2021 booklet The Victims of Illegal Immigration, Third Edition, published by US Incorporated. That booklet contains true accounts of victims of illegal aliens. It’s a big problem in country, which the Mainstream Media does not publicize. )

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