In a rather bizarre twist in the by-now-familiar quest to win Hispanic voters for Romney, a group of  Hispanic Republicans is attacking Obama for –  deporting too many illegal aliens?

           As Stephen Dinan reports in the Washington Times in  “Conservative Ads in Spanish Tell a Different Story to Hispanics”  (Aug. 9th, 2012):

             Polls show President Obama holds a clear advantage among Hispanic
             voters this year, but a new Spanish-language television ad, running
             in Nevada and sponsored by a conservative group, aims to peel
            away those supporters by arguing that his administration set records
            for deporting illegal immigrants. It’s a message that could backfire
            if it were in English — deporting illegal immigrants is a popular stance
            in many conservative communities. But English-speaking voters likely
            will never see the ad, which is running on two major Spanish-language
            networks in Las Vegas.

This is what happens when politicians run ads in a foreign language.  It closes out the mainstream English-speaking population from knowing what’s being promised to a minority group.  

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Article by Allan Wall, published Aug. 18th, 2012 on VDARE.COM.

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